We sell a range of a commonly-used storage cartons to pack and store your goods securely whilst in transit or storage.

The most commonly used box when moving, features twin cushion cardboard. Ideal for light larger items, pillows & blankets, clothing, soft toys, etc.

H 596mm
W 406mm
D 431mm

$7.20 each

Sturdy, single layer box. Ideal for packing books, DVDs, crockery or wine.

H 431mm
W 298mm
D 406mm

$4.60 each

One piece assembly – no tape required. Strong all-purpose storage box designed for archive/paper record storage or storage of heavier items (can hold up to 15kgs).

Features double thickness base and walls, built-in carry handles and a hinged lid.

H 260mm
W 306mm
D 390mm

$4.50 each

Secure your storage unit with our ABLE high security padlocks. Made of solid brass, with stainless steel springs, a hardened chromed steel shackle and 3 keys.

$10.50 each

Long-lasting adhesion, available in either clear or brown.

$4.50 each

*All prices include GST. Discounts may be available for larger purchases.